Getting your hands on one of AMD’s new RX 6000-series graphics cards is going to be a daunting task – especially if you don’t know where to look. If you want one of these cards on launch day, you absolutely have to know where and when to buy.

Based on what happened (and has happened) since Nvidia completed the release of their RTX 3000-series, you will have to act fast and have everything in order well before AMD’s new cards go live. Assuming the leaked benchmarks are accurate, these cards could easily go as quickly as Nvidia’s did – sold out in hour 1.

First and foremost, let’s talk about when. AMD’s first 2 cards, the RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT will be releasing on Wednesday, November 18th. There’s currently no official time orders will open, it could be at midnight or they could open up on the morning of the 18th. Then on December 8th, AMD’s flagship RX 6900 XT will burst into existence; the $999 RX 6900 XT is touted to keep up with Nvidia’s $1499 RTX 3090.

In regards to price, AMD’s Navi-based cards are all very competitive this year (even with each other in the case of the RX 6800 vs 6800 XT). In fact, their pricing could be considered a little odd this cycle. The RX 6800 will be hitting shelves with an MSRP of $579. The RX 6800 XT will have an MSRP of $649. And as I previously mentioned, the RX 6900 XT “Big Navi” will have an MSRP of $999. Keep in mind that these prices are only MSRP, AIB Partners could (and probably will) charge more for their custom cards.

Performance-wise, there aren’t any good independent numbers yet; AMD’s own benchmark for the RX 6900 XT vs RTX 3090 is the only performance gauge we have so far outside of the leaked Ashes of the Singularity benchmark I mentioned previously. However, we do have a spec sheet which is something. Typically, benchmark embargos are lifted prior to release as opposed to the day of like they will be with the RX 6000-series.

Compute UnitsRAM (GDDR6)Core Clock (MHz)Max Boost Clock (MHz)Memory InterfaceRDNA2 Cache
AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT8016GB20152250256 bit128 MB
AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT7216GB20152250256 bit128 MB
AMD Radeon RX 68006016GB18152105256 bit128 MB

That all brings us to where you can buy the RX 6800, the RX 6800 XT, or the RX 6900 XT when they release. Once these cards release, we’ll have more comprehensive lists detailing each option, but as of now, all we have are options for where to look.

If you’re in the US, these are your best options: Micro Center | Best Buy | Amazon US | B&H Photo | Walmart

If you’re in the UK, these are your best options: Amazon UK | Overclockers UK | Novatech

If you’re located outside of those 2 areas, please feel free to leave the “best options” in your locale in the comments below! You could very well be helping out someone else by doing so.

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